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Choose the correct words to complete the  questions and short answers.

1. Has it stopped raining?

a)It's stopped b) Have it stopped

c) Has it stopped

2. Have you played this computer game?  

No,  I haven't.

a) I haven't played b) I haven't c) T hasn't

3. Have you lost - your dictionary?

a) You lost b) Have you lost c) Have you lose

4. Has that book become very popular? Yes, it has.

a) it have b) it has c) it has become

5. l love that book.  Have they made a film of it now?

a) Have they made b) Has they made

c) Have they make

6. I think I saw your sister in a film. Has she started- acting?

a) She started b) Has started

c) Has she started

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